Sunday, September 11, 2005

Free Fun

Our homeowners association had a party in a new park in our community today. The ad for it looked fun so I suggested we go. They had pony rides and free food and a hayride and a live band. There were way too many people there and LOOOOOOONG lines for everything. We pretty much got some food (cotton candy, too!) and waited in line for the hay ride, which was actually a horse drawn cart-ish thing. It took forever, but the girls enjoyed it and said the wait was worth it. The horses were huge Clydsdale and Belgium draft horses. The guy who ran the ride said that the horses will remember a trail even if it has been years since they last walked it. They two that pulled the cart when we got on had just been hitched up and had not pulled it yet so they were a bit hesitant about where to go. He said they would be fine on the next loop and would remember it next year if they came back. I thought that was pretty interesting.

When we got home, I showed A how to feed her Neopets and play one of the games. Up until now, I have pretty much had the care and feeding of them. I hope she takes it over soon, cuz the poor things have been dying for far too long! C set up a pet for E today as well. She told me later in the day that she wished her Neopet could come out of the computer because it was sooo cute.

Near sunset we all went out front and the girls helped Daddy wash the cars while I polyuerathaned our coffee table in the garage. After they were done with that, the girls both got out their skates/rollerblades and wanted to go for a roll. So, as the day faded we walked beside them, one to an adult, as they rolled around the block. It was a beautiful night, with fall really hinting that it would like to settle in. Come on in, I say!

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