Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quiet Day

Our big event for the day was going to the vet to pick up our cat. She had just been spayed yesterday and was ready to come home today. We dropped by the library first and swapped out books, gaining a whole pile of mostly animal books. E had asked for a book with mummies so we found one about Egypt. She fixated on a Pokemon chapter book with bunny-like pokemon on the cover, so that came home, too. Then we swung by the rec center for a class catalog, since the girls had asked for a dance class. A said she did not want to do ballet as she already knew how do do a bunch of stuff, but E said she wanted to. I found them a rythmic gymnastics class that accepted both their ages together and they went for it. So that will be on our plate for the next month or so. At the vet the girls looked at posters of dog breeds and pictures of "clients" while we waited for our kitty. When we were in the examination room with the cat waiting for the vet to check us out, the girls were very sweet to her. They cooed and stuck their fingers into the carry case to scratch the cat under her chin. She seemed to be doing fine and looked happy to see us.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. We always need a down day after our Life Learner event! The girls discovered this new show on tv that looks like a Dora offshoot. It has Dora and a boy named Diego and they search for and help animals in need. The episode they watched today had sloths, three toed sloths to be exact. I was informed by A that three toed sloths are very good swimmers. I guess we all learned something new today! It was cute to hear E shouting at the tv in spanish whenever they would request "assistance" from the audience. I sat by the girls computer and knitted while A played her Spirit game for a while. She elected to play one of the games she had saved where she had not gotten very far into the game, even though she has one where she is almost finished with the game. She hasn't played it in a while, so I guess she wanted to brush up. But she wanted me there to read stuff as necessary. She did a lot of guessing correctly the words needed to navigate the game. She is getting better at pulling information out of a sentence or paragraph, even if she can't really read the whole thing. Won't be long now!

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