Friday, September 16, 2005


Our hornworm pupated! He actually did it a few days ago, I just did not notice when. When I reached into the box to get him out to show the girls, his lower body section started wiggling. It freaked me out so much I dropped him on the counter! I thought they were in a hard case, but I guess not. Or maybe they start out this way and once their body is really in the swing of transformation, they get where they can't move. I wonder how long the pupa phase is. We will have to look it up and I would have today but I was busy with several things. One, I was getting ready for Life Learners to come over tomorrow (more on that in a bit) and two, I was making reservations for our camping trip next month. I tried to get one weekend and that was booked, so I had to check with some of the group to see if the following weekend would work. It seems to be better for some of those planning to come, so that is good. We are going to Zion National Park and we had such a great time last year, I am really looking forward to it!

So, our thing tomorrow is the first of our new and improved Life Learner events. We are going with a theme for this one and it is the sun. Some of what is planned is to make a solar oven, sundial, sunprints, a solar balloon (think hot air balloon, just way smaller and powered by the solar heating), play with prisms, crystals, and magnifying glasses, and we might even have one of those glasses that make it safe to look at the sun (like during an eclipse). I don't know what else people will bring but it should be plenty fun and exciting with just what I mentioned. A was too excited to sleep tonight and she said, "I can't wait to learn about the sun tomorrow!" I should pull out some books from our library to have on hand for questions the kids have. I'm sure I have some on space and the solar system. And there is always the internet!

This evening, the girls and I went out in the backyard and played around a bit. The girls watched and played with our kitty, who we let out only in the back for short periods. She was quite the wild cat, chasing bugs and stalking around. I messed with the garden, pulling up tomato plants and potting my thyme plant to make room for the fall crop. A was eager to plant something, so I promised we would get to it this weekend. Why is it I always get into doing something else when I have something I should be doing instead? I should have been cleaning the house for tomorrow, but I was wanting to overhaul the garden and make lipgloss, and clean my office and.... Anyway, I took some cute pictures and will post them later after we get through tomorrow.

Before bed we watched the last little bit of the extended version of the second Lord of the Rings movie, which we had started the other night. The girls kept saying, "I think this is a new part", but usually it wasn't. They just forgot the parts. I was pleased that every time I wanted to say that something was in the book, in case even the extended version did not have it, along came the scene. During certain scenes, A said that it was sad and happy at the same time. Like the battle scenes or especially the scene where Sam is telling Frodo about all the good stories, the ones that make you believe that there is good in the world worth fighting for. So, I guess those tears welling in my eyes were happy and sad tears! I love A's ability to cut to the chase. Such wisdom!

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