Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Title? We don't need no stinking title!

We had originally planned to fly somewhere with C today, but after last night, I was worn out, and E was not into the idea of flying. She really wanted to see her friend M who had not made it to the party last night and with whom we had made plans to see Corpse Bride. So, I called her mom and set up a 1 o'clock showtime to meet to watch the movie. C did not really want to see the movie, so he went flying by himself. After the movie, which we liked, the girls were eager to play, so we met at BK to have a snack and let the girls all play on the play structure. We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours and us moms had a great time talking, while the girls played. C called and said he was home, so we tried to wrap it up, but the girls all went on strike. They had not had enough time playing! We coaxed them out, promising to find time for another playdate soon. They will see each other Friday, but it seemed too far off for E to handle tonight. I tried to get her to be happy we had played for over two hours, when we had only planned on one, but she is just not able to choose that way of thinking right now. A went through the same thing two years ago, so it must be a phase they all go through. Now she is able to let disappointments roll off her much better than she used to. Nevermind the magic episode the other night!

We had chinese food delivered and played Cadoo as a family for a while tonight before bath, reading and bed. Oh, in the movie previews was a trailer for The Goblet of Fire and I about burst with excitement! I don't know if I can stand the wait, it looks soooo good. Yes, I am a kid still!

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julie persons said...

It's good to be a kid still...good for you!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful halloween, nice pictures below!