Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Uh....stuff? Stuff we did today!

While I was still groggy this morning in bed, E got a promise out of me to play Care Bears with her when I woke up. I really did not consider that something I wanted to do upon waking, heck, I am not into any kind of open ended play like that at anytime. I like games and puzzles and reading and.... anything but imagination driven play. But, I promised and she let me have my tea and read my emails and then it was time to play. I surprised myself! I threw myself into it, and with her guidance on "how to play", I actually had fun. I was basically hamming it up for her to make her laugh and it made A want to join in, too. We played for a little while before I needed to get ready for the day. Our plan was to go grocery shopping, then de-clutter the house, then go over to our friend's house and watch Harry Potter #2. C was coming home late so we could stay and play for as long as they let us. We did it all but the cleaning up! The girls had fun playing with M and we moms watched the movie, even if it took us 6 hours to get through a 2 hour movie! But it was a fun time regardless of the constant interruptions. I even helped the oldest daughter who goes to public school with her homework, algebra. I told her, she who has the option to stay home and unschool, that the reason none of us grownups are very good at this math thing is that we never have to use it in real life, at least not how it looks on the paper before us. She said, not unless you are a math teacher. And I said, yeah and then you love math and can't get enough of it. I'm glad my kids won't have to put up with that kind of math unless they want to. It was basically the same problem over and over again, with different numbers. If she had the concept on the first problem, why do 25 of the same thing? Blech! Waste of time. Life is too short. Blah blah blah....
We are going to the zoo tomorrow with the group, so I will wrap this up.

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