Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strange, but fun, bloggin' things!

There I was, reading other people's blogs, seeing this four things meme, feeling kinda left out even though I shouldn't have, it is not like I am the queen of blogs or anything and everyone knows me and is dying to tag me, and what do I wake up to? Shana from Live Free Learn Free tagged me! So here goes:

The Four Things Meme

Four Jobs You Have Held

1. Range girl (the one who picks up, washes and sorts into the baskets all the golf balls on the driving range at the end of the day)

2. Bartender/short order cook/pro shop attendant/waitress at the same golf course

3. Waitress at a "gentleman's club". No, not what you are thinking. It was fine dining in a city club. I served state senators, judges and the rich of Syracuse, NY.

4. Operational Test and Evaluations Subsystems Engineer for the B-2 Stealth Bomber while on active duty in the Air Force.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. Star Wars

2. The Lord of the Rings

3. The Princess Bride

4. Anything by Hayao Miyazaki

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation

1. Disneyworld when I was eight, 19, and 27

2. Jamaica on my honeymoon, Couples resort in Ocho Rios

3. The beach in Destin, Florida

4. Visiting family in Alabama and New York

Four Websites You Visit Daily

1. forums

2. Google

3. My unschooling support group at Yahoo, the Life Learners

4. Too many blogs to mention

Four of Your Favorite Foods

1. Cheesecake, preferably mine

2. Filet Mignon

3. Fresh picked berries, any kind

4. Chocolate!

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

1. On the massage table

2. At the beach, any beach

3. On top of a mountain, one that I climbed myself

4. Curled up in bed with a good book, all day

Four Cars You Have Owned

1. My mother made me buy a car with my own earned money for my brother to drive. I did not even have my license, it was some little used two door foreign car, I think. I never drove it.

2. A big, turquoise blue, gas guzzler from the 1960's, can't remember the make, still did not have my license, but I did drive this one. I remember it had a nice big back seat. ;-)

3. 1994 Saturn Sports Coupe, plum, still in the driveway

4. 2000 Dodge Minivan, also still in the driveway

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging

1. Stephanie

2. Pat

3. Julie

4. Liz

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julie persons said...

AWWWW, thanks for the tag, I can feel the love. hee, hee...
I would rather be on my massage therapists table, too!(eating chocolate and berries)