Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Good Times Rolled

A snapshot of the Life Learner kids chasing pigeons at the park last week:

The big event of this past week was the Mardi Gras party we hosted for the Life Learners on Tuesday. We made a King Cake, Seafood Gumbo, and Jambalaya. Others brought beads and coins, masks, costumes, and the proper party attitude. We played cajun and zydeco music and had us a good old time. It was a bit overwhelming because we had 35 people, moms and kids combined, here in our house and it was not very nice weather so inside they stayed. Actually, I was surprised at how calm it really was, considering the volume of noise we usually get when we host even just a few families. A had a hard time with the little kids getting into some of her toys that are special, and all the toys being pulled out and played with everywhere as well. She is not up for hosting a Life Learner event any time soon, so we will lay low with that for a while. Summer is coming and the pool will be the draw for future events anyway, so I am sure the party will be here before long!

Monday, a friend needed me to watch her two girls for the day, so we had playmates that day. I got to bake and cook for the party and the girls got to play with someone. It was good all around.

E has been dealing with a cold this week. She is too funny with the runny nose. She tends to wipe it all upwards onto the top of her nose, not to mention the palm of her hand! I practically followed her around with a box of tissues reminding her to blow her nose. Glad to report that she is finally getting the hang of that!

A is reading so many things now. When she reads something, we tease her and tell her to stop that reading! She thinks it is too funny. Her pride in herself is palpable.

We have spent a good bit of time outside, riding bikes and scooters and simply enjoying the return of spring around here. On Monday, when the girl's friends were over, we went outside and they made a train out of a bike and the wagon and a scooter. When I was taking the pictures I was made to promise I would put one on my blog. So here it is! A had to work very hard to get it moving, but she did it and they chugged up and down in front of the house for a while, stopping to "gas up", i.e. drink water, every so often.

I just found out that a childhood friend of mine is going to unschool her kids (Hi, F, M, C & J!). That is just too cool! C commented on how it was interesting that we ended up on the same path and I said, "No, it isn't. It's my mother's fault." What do you think, F? Can we blame my mother? Someday I will write about my mother and the influence she had on me and my life, especially as it relates to unschooling and respectful parenting. Not today though. Gotta go to a neighbor kid's birthday party. We hear there will be a bounce house!


F said...

"Childhood friend"? Does this mean we're adults now? When did that happen?

But of course, we can blame your mother. Everything is her fault!There was no thinking inside of the box OR outside of the box. There was NO box!

Miranda said...

Box? We don't need no stinkin' box! Yep, you hit the nail on the head there!

And, yes we grew up...I won't tell if you won't. ;-)