Saturday, April 15, 2006

Eggs and Whatnot

Just had to show off one of my roses, which are doing great this year! The center of this bloom reminds me of the Audrey II in The Little Shop of Horrors, ready to suck some of my blood. We have the DVD of that musical and the girls have been enjoying it a lot. It was the first live musical I ever saw, off Broadway, back in high school.

We had a fun playdate Thursday. My friend helped me spruce up my blog template, as you can see. The kids had fun bouncing on the trampoline with their friends. It was warm, so they hooked the hose to the netting and sprayed a fine mist over the jumping mat. They got pretty excited about the rainbows the water made. I tried to get a picture of them sitting in rainbows, but it did not turn out too well. If you look closely at the smudge going across the lower half of the picture on the right, you can see that it is a rainbow. A is doing her best imitation of a cheerleader in the other picture.

Friday, Daddy was home with us and we did a little shopping. The girls had money to spend and wanted to go to Target. They picked out some littlest pet shop animals. A wanted a watch, so she picked out a pink Timex digital watch. We also got ourselves a new grill. Gotta love that tax return! Ok, actually I would rather keep my money all year and pay the government at tax time, but we can't seem to get our witholding just right. So, we end up with cash to spend. We got a nice Weber natural gas grill. It gets delivered Wednesday and we will have the gas company come hook it up soon after. Good timing, since my dad arrives for a visit on Thursday night.

Today, I was away from the family for most of the day, getting a massage and doing some shopping. But when I got home we jumped a bit and then we dyed our Easter eggs. With four people doing the dyeing, and 33 eggs to dye, it took us about ten minutes! I was a butterfinger, dropping at least three eggs and cracking them. We dyed them anyway, since we don't plan to eat them. We get our eating eggs from my friend who has chickens and wouldn't want to use those good ones for dyeing. So I buy the cheap ones, with the brittle shells, for the Easter baskets and hunt. Once you have had a good farm fresh egg, there is no going back to those mass produced supermarket eggs! Anyway, we got our eggs ready for the hunt tomorrow morning, which I am told must be done before we go to church. We will be up early, I guess. I am trying my hand at making hot cross buns for the first time tonight. They just came out of the oven and look really good. I'm glad because the plan was to bring them to share at church! Yum!

One more thing to tell. Ever since A got her watch, she has been the Time Nazi. Last night when I was tucking her in to bed, she said, "Wait, I want to watch it turn to 10 o'clock." And she proceeded to laugh maniacally as it did so. I kissed her quickly and got out of there fast! And today, she has been declaring all the clocks in the house incorrect and demanding that we fix the problem. If they don't all match her watch, they must be changed. I'm glad she is finally telling time so well and all, but don't you think this has gone too far?


Cecile said...

Our four hens lay four eggs every day and I have heard (since I don't care for them)that they taste AMAZING! Joey won't eat store bought ones anymore. We'll have plenty of eggs for your visit in August :-) Happy Easter to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to comment yet, but the new layout is great! Hope you had a nice Easter!