Monday, April 24, 2006

Fun Weekend

We have been having a good time with my dad. Yesterday we went to a Folklife Festival, which had all kinds of food, crafts and entertainment from around the world. We ran into some friends there which made it extra nice. The big hit of the day was the Irish step dancers, just like Lord of the Dance. They were great! The girls bought bead rings from a Peruvian craft seller. It was a very nice little event. We will have to check it out next year, too.

Today, C took my dad flying for a tour of the area. When they got back we headed out to a local state park. We hiked to this little lake and had a picnic by the shore. The girls poked around the edge a bit and watched the ducks. Then we hiked up to the overlook spot. The girls were worn out by the end of the hike and wanted to go home. On our way out we stopped by the horseback riding place and inquired into going for a trail ride with the kids. They have to be six, so we can't do it until E's birthday this fall, but the guy was really nice so we will be sure to give it a go when she is old enough. As we were leaving, after looking at the horses for a while, the guy showed us their "pet" pony named Cleopatra. She was not in a paddock, just free to roam about and she came right up to the girls for some loving. We petted her for a while and as we walked to the car, she followed us. The girls got a kick out of that. I thought she was going to follow us home, but she just watched us drive away. Here are some pictures from the day:

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