Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blatant Promotion

I am just tickled pink, to put it in my dear southern husband's terms, to find that my article that was published in Live Free Learn Free is now on the internet as well! It has been highlighted as a sample article and for anyone interested, you can go see it here. And for all you unschoolers out there who are not familiar with this publication, I highly recommend it as the best unschooling magazine out there!
Ok, promo, self and otherwise, over.


Anonymous said...

Yea M!! I am so proud of you. Just had to tell everyone that.

Sissi said...

Miranda, this is a great article, you are so right about learning the "life" skills and "How to", just the other day I was thinking how challenging life can be and how I wish somebody would have told me and "teach" me that sometimes it is hard being a mother, a responsible adult, a wife, basically a "grown up". Because when it comes down to it, we enter life SO unprepared, thinking it is going to be something easy, being unaware of struggles or painful moments, it shouldn't be this way. All the lessons I had to learn about so many different subjects, they don't help me a bit today and I don't even remembered them! But back then when I was tested on these lessons and maybe failed, theacher made me feel like I was a lost cause and could never accomplished anything.

P@ said...

Congratulations, Miranda!! Great job on the article, and thanks for providing the link.

Starcat said...

Great article! Our unschoolers seem to be naturally curious about those "life skills" that wouldn't be taught in schools, probably because they see us using them. My 7 year old is an awesome cook already!