Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daddy's Little Girls

I am very lucky to have the kind of husband I do, but sometimes I think my girls are luckier to have him as their father. He would argue with me till the cows come home about this, but it is true. He is one cool daddy-o. Case in point, in the picture with E above, he is about to leave to take her out on a special date with Daddy. She wanted to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and get all dolled up for it. When he came down from getting ready and only had jeans and a polo on, she told him he was not fancy enough, so up he went to change into a shirt and tie. Didn't even bat an eye when she said it. How cool is that? Very, if you ask a little girl I know. And when she told him she only wanted to eat a banana split, can you guess what was ordered? Yup! Ice cream for dinner.

I love that man.


Justine said...

These are wonderful!

cecile said...

M-Doesn't surprise me a bit! He is a great daddy to those sweet girls!

Anonymous said...

I'd say from the look in his eyes, he considers himself pretty lucky, too!