Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween celebration. We were going to have a big party, but then camping happened this weekend and I knew I was not going to have the energy to do a party. So, we just invited some friends over to go trick or treating in our neighborhood with us. The girls and I spent the day getting the house ready, making Daddy's costume, and getting our costumes on. A was a witch, E was Rapunzel, and I was a fairy. Everyone brought some dinner food to share before we headed out to fill our bags with candy. The kids ran around and played and jumped on the trampoline before we went out. C got home and I had him put on his costume - he was a wizard- so he could hold down the fort and hand out candy to the visiting ghost and goblins. The kids had a great time hitting up the neighbors for treats. It was too funny to watch the lot of them crowd up to the door and yell out "trick or treat!" as loud as they could when the door was opened. Less than half the kids who came to our door even said anything. They just stood there holding out their bags. It was weird. Next year I think I am going to just stand there and look at them until they say something! "Can I help you?"
Hope you all had fun, too!

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Anonymous said...

You look lovely, Dahling!