Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Little List

Rather than do a separate post for each thing I want to blog about or a huge one with everything all in one, I am going to make a list of what I can think of off the top of my head and we'll go from there. There! Perfectionism, begone! Here we go:

1. Camping was good, colder but not much different than last year, so I don't need to blog about it. See last years' post in the archives (Oct 2005) if that does not cut it for you.

2. I was asked to be a main speaker at the Live and Learn Conference next year. I said yes. I will speak about something wonderful, but I still have a few days before I have to give my ideas to the conference diva so I'm not spilling any beans yet. Besides, I'd rather you come to the conference (or buy the recording) to hear what I have to say anyway! BWAHAHAHAAA

3. Awesome article for you to read here if you want some insight into why we unschool. Required reading if you are related to me in any way.

4. The girls have been having fun playing on an online game called Club Penguin which they heard about from their friend M. They spent several days last week on the phone with her, each at a different computer, exploring the online world of their penguins. They even got their daddy to get his own penguin so he could play as well. Much fun!

5. I have been enjoying a daily email service called the Daily Groove. It wonderfully sums up our take on parenting, and I love the daily reminder. The guy behind the emails is Scott Noelle and his website is Enjoy Parenting, where you can sign up for them. Really great stuff there!

6. I do have one excuse for not blogging and that is that I moved all the computers in the house to one room, the family room. I am able to surf and read blogs, while the girls watch tv or play on their computer, and much togetherness has been happening. But not much blogging. That seems to take quiet focus for me and with the girls in the room with me, I can be so much more present for them while I am online, but I can't be present enough for writing it seems. So that is why I am writing this down here, while they play upstairs with Daddy. It is a grand experiment in meeting everyone's needs better and time will iron out the wrinkles.

Ok, top of my head is now empty. I'll be back with some deep thoughts or lots of pictures. Whichever I feel like doing first.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Main speaker. Can I have your autograph? ;-) Awesome news- congrats!

Justine said...