Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stunning Ignorance

Seriously, I am stunned. I have spent some time the last few days reading comments on Dr Phil's show on homeschooling and the NYTimes article about unschooling, and all I can say is people are not afraid to show their ignorance. Reallly not afraid. It is scary. I mean, you are welcome to disagree with unschooling, free to feel it does not meet your goals for your children, but to simply make blanket statements about how it cannot work, in the face of the fact that it DOES work, is just plain ignorant. Do some research, people!
"I don't understand..."
"There is no way..."
"I can't see..."
"How in the world...?"
You DON'T understand.
There IS a way.
You haven't even LOOKED to be able to see.
I'll SHOW you how if you'd shut up for a second and open your mind and heart to other "realities".

Fortunately, what other people think does not change what I know to be true for me and my family. Our lives speak for themselves. The joy in our lifestyle washes away any fear of the future, and according to some seriously powerful spiritual Truth, ensures that All Will Be Well. Welcome to my reality.


Justine said...

I'm soooo trying to cling to this TRUTH! Wish I had all the confidence you have. I'm still in there, though. My mind finds worry sometimes, my heart finds peace. I'm trying to listen to my heart...I think it's smarter!:-)

Miranda said...

Confidence? Nah. More like stubborness! ;-) My mind worries, too, I just shut it up pretty quick! And your heart, by far, is the one to listen to! That whole, "I choose peace, rather than this" approach, you know?