Monday, December 11, 2006

Sea World, See World

In case you were wondering what kept me from writing here THIS time, I have a good excuse. We went for a little trip down to San Diego to visit my friend Flo and her family, go to Sea World and get in some ocean-time. We left Thursday morning and made it to Flo's early enough to take a walk to a nearby park to get the wiggles out after a long drive. There was the coolest playground! I have never seen anything like it. It had all these amazing, moving, spinning and climbing contraptions, with an organic/futuristic look. The one on the right was a ring that rotated on an angle. Here is Daddy and the girls playing around with using their weight to get it spinning and trying to stay on. Physics galore there!

We headed back to Flos' after the sun set and had pizza, catching up and letting the girls play. They had not seen each other for two years, but was like no time had passed! It was the same for me and Flo. This visit was sweeter than ever now that they have decided to unschool their girls. Their oldest, C, is a year younger than E, but in true unschooling fashion, they were best buddies. They dressed up and danced for us. A was doing her own dance style in the background. I think I caught her mid-grand jette! We left for our hotel and a good night's rest as the big day at Sea World started the next morning.

Flo and family met us at the entrance the next morning and we had a great day, doing as much of the park as we could manage, which was less than A was happy with and more than I thought we could get in. Some of the highlights were the dolphin, seal and Shamu shows, petting and feeding the Bat Rays, the cool playground, and watching the walruses. A was in animal heaven, even teaching her father a few things about the animals, but E was actually the one to mention wanting to be one of the trainers when she grows up. I had thought A would want that, but I guess she wants the whole shebang by being a zoo director. She must feel that she would have interactions with many more kinds of animals that way. The Shamu show was very touching and even though we sat in the "soak zone" we did not get wet. Which was a good thing since it was getting late and cooling off! We closed the place down, sneaking in a quick trip to the gift shop on the way out as the sun set. Good day.

Saturday was another unseasonably warm and sunny San Diego day, so we took a trip to the beach to soak up the view, feel the sand and do some shell collecting. The surf was very high and it was a joy to watch those breakers crash and to hear the thunder of it. Not a day for getting in, for sure, nevermind the crazy surfer dudes. The girls frolicked with Flo's girls, getting wet and cold, but not seeming to mind a bit. Flo and I chatted and watched and took pictures from mostly dry beach, while the guys got in the surf and stayed close to the kids. They headed back to get the baby down for her nap, and we stayed a little longer, not willing to say goodbye to the ocean quite yet. Without my friend to talk to, I decided to go ahead and brave the cold water. So, I took off my shoes and socks and went down to play with the girls. Right as we were getting ready to leave, a big wave came up behind us and got my nice rolled up pants wet as we ran for higher ground! I, too, was christened that day by the Pacific.

Back at Flo's, we decorated Christmas ornaments and had a nice dinner together before we had to leave. It was sad to say goodbye and we hope they come up our way for a visit soon! Sunday morning we got up and drove home, wiped out, but happy to have had our wonderful weekend.

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