Friday, March 16, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

This is a picture of A reading a Dr. Seuss book to E. Such a simple, common, everyday thing, but, oh, so much more. My mother's heart is bursting with pride for my daughter. A has finally gotten to the pick up a book and read the whole thing by herself stage of reading and I could not be happier. I am such a bibliophile, I could not imagine having a child who did not think sitting with a good book was the best choice for what to do with yourself. Looks like I will have at least one. And now that A is taking an interest in reading books, E is all into wanting to learn to read. Not that she is really ready, but you never know.

The picture was taken yesterday afternoon. This morning A got up half an hour earlier than the rest of us and was found reading another book when we got up. Later in the day she was attempting to teach her sister how to read and met with the same frustration I had with her when she was four and wanting to read! I reminded her that it won't do any good. E will read when she is ready.

Maybe A will be ready to read Harry Potter 7 by the time it is released. Wouldn't that be cool?


Flo said...

What a heartwarming picture. I love it! C says thanks, girls, for Glinda. She even too her with us to pick up take-out tonight!

Anonymous said...

Oh So Wonderful!!!!