Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dangerous Ideas

Poking around the Internet this morning I ran across an article, HERE, and had to share. I implore you to go read it and then do some more reading if it was new to you. It was not new to me, but the need to share it has become new to me and is building in need day by day. First a little test:

Humans belong to an order of being that is separate from the rest of the living community. Daniel Quinn

How does that feel to you? Sound about right? Well, that is the dangerous idea I refer to in my post title. Mr. Quinn goes into detail about just how dangerous an idea it is, so go read the article. Why? Because you might change your mind about that statement and that is the point. The future of our species depends on it.

Here is an excerpt:

"People often ask me if I have any hope for our survival. What they really want to know, of course, is whether I can provide them with some grounds for hope.

I am hopeful, because I feel sure that something extraordinary is going to happen in your lifetime--in the lifetime of those of you who are three or four decades younger than I am. I'm talking about something much more extraordinary than has happened in MY lifetime, which has included the birth of television, the splitting of the atom, space travel, and instant, global communication via the Internet. I mean something REALLY extraordinary.

During your lifetime, the people of our culture are going to figure out how to live sustainably on this planet--or they're not. Either way, it's certainly going to be extraordinary. If they figure out how to live sustainably here, then humanity will be able to see something it can't see right now: a future that extends into the indefinite future. If they don't figure this out, then I'm afraid the human race is going to take its place among the species that we're driving into extinction here every day--as many as 200--every day. "


Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

This is something that really makes a lot of sense from the Christian world view point.

Miranda said...

Totally. Too bad it is the root of all the problems threatening our very existence on this planet! Can't we all get along? With the animals and plants and biosphere, I mean.