Saturday, April 28, 2007


The last few days, E has been watching the movie Aquamarine, about a mermaid who comes ashore and gets help from two young teen girls to find love before her Daddy makes her marry someone she does not love.

I love this one scene where the girls are at the mall and the mermaid stands at a balcony and yells, "Heeelloooo!" When the two girls give her an embarrassed look, she simply asks, "Why live life unnoticed?" I love that! To go through life unnoticed seems like such a waste to me.

I am working on my fears about potential notoriety because what I want to do with my life could lead to a lot of people noticing me. And I don't want that to hold me back.

I wish I was as fearless as E when it comes to this stuff. She has no problem doing exactly what she wants, when she wants to, with no thought to what others will think. I wish I was not so quick to be the "voice of reason" (i.e. fear) for her when she wants to do something that will get her noticed.

How much of her spirit has my fear already crushed? Yikes! I think it is time for a little balcony yelling around here....

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