Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Part Hippy

Lately, A has been telling me who she is. She says she is part hippy, part comedienne, part tom-boy, part artist, part fashion girl.... I asked her why she was part hippy and she told me, "I am desperate for world peace and desperate to save the animals of the world." She seems to be all about defining herself recently, comparing and contrasting herself to her sister and friends. She is figuring out Who She Is. I love that at eight years old she is interested in doing this. I'm not sure I have ever looked at myself so deeply, at least not until very recently in my life. And I know I have never been so free to define myself without judgement, as she is doing. I'm sure the fact that her days are free to be filled as she sees fit helps to give her the time to venture into this self-exploration. And the fact that she lives without constant competition with her peers helps her to do this with no fear of judgement or criticism from others. I am so proud of her and a little envious, to be honest. How wonderful to get to be wholly yourself at so young an age!


Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Kudos to your kid! I wish we all could do that. Even my 6yo dd hasn't gotten to that point yet and we're unschoolers.

Flo said...

Is it fair to say she is a Flower Child's Child's Child?

The world needs more hippies- go A!