Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Meme

Eight things about me. You know the drill. I was tagged by Zamozo. I'm not tagging this time, but if your blog is on my blogroll, consider yourself The Chosen One, or 8, as the case may be. Let me know you chose yourself in the comments so I can go read all about you, since we're sharing and all.

1. I am phone phobic. Really. Call me and I will talk for hours. I won't call you back. I can't. Really. Freaks me out. Sometimes I can get over myself and pick up the phone -calling my dad today is a good example - but for some reason, making a phone call is not one of my strong suits. So. For anyone out there who would think I would call once in a while....sorry, I wish I could. Call ME. Please. Pretty please.

2. I have lived in 23 different houses/apartments/dorms in my 35 years.

3. I can't decide if I want another child. On one hand, I have two beautiful girls and I am totally content with two. On the other hand, a boy would be nice. On the other hand, I get sick thinking about the overpopulation of the world. On the other hand, I would love to give birth again to show my daughters how it's done now that they are old enough to remember. On the other hand, these two are out of diapers and weaned and have been for years and years. I'm running out of hands and no amount of "not not trying" has made up my mind for me these last three years. Time to give up? Or time to bring in the big guns?

4. I have used the same razor for almost 20 years. When I was in high school, I bought one of the razors that has replaceable blades. Since it has never broken and I can still buy the blades, why should I get a new one?

5. I miss my family. Really, really miss my father and step mom and brothers - and their wives and kids, too- and my mother. My mother is dead, so not much I can do about that. But the rest of them... See #1. They are as bad with the phone as I am and we don't get to be together very much due to our far flung abodes.

6. I hate to back track. I will spend a long time with a map finding the most direct route anywhere. I can understand when a road has to be built to go around a lake or a mountain, but why don't all the roads across the wide flat desert connect? Why can't I just drive straight to where I am going? Seriously...

7. I cannot handle disappointment. Expectations are the death of me, I swear. I could be the happiest person in the world if I could learn to accept life as it IS. My dreams are often not pursued, for fear of it not working out as I expect. Mine is a untested faith.

8. I sewed my own wedding dress. It for was for the wedding to another guy that I did not end up marrying. Good thing C was not afraid of commitment because I started our relationship with my wedding dress all ready to go! It took me two days to make, except for the hem. I hate doing hems, so I kept putting it off until I had a nightmare about walking down the aisle trying to finish the hem, dropping the needle, tearing the fabric, with everyone in the church whispering behind their hands. Got right up and finished that hem, by god!

Bonus picture of me, Sept 1996, in that very dress:

Now, chose yourself The Chosen One, er, Eight, and share the love!


Schuyler said...

I think I've finally decided not to have another child. I've realized that Simon and Linnaea fill my life so completely that I would be looking that gift horse in the mouth. I also don't want to have to divide the wonderful hours, minutes, moments that I have with them into less than what it is right now.

But I still, occasionally think about another baby.

Flo said...

Oh, that dress! As we were unpacking, C found the album with all of your wedding pictures in it. And so LOVED the dress. She said, "She MADE that?!!"

Still lovely.

One thing about me- I miss you.

Shawna said...

You sound very pleasant and fun...and the dress is beautiful!

Summer said...

That dress is beautiful!