Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long Lost Pictures Part II

Here you go, Stephanie! Yes, we took this trip waaaaay back in May. You can see the first half here LLP Part I. Here is the second half of our trip to San Fran: Here we are hanging out on the peninsula between the Yacht Harbor and San Francisco Bay for a good look at the Golden Gate bridge and to look for Starfish and crabs. Success on all counts!

While there we saw a cool sailboat out in the bay. And sea lions, too.

At the end of the peninsula is a neat piece of artwork called the Wave Organ, which would have been really cool if we had been there during high tide. It was fun to listen to, anyway.

After lunch at this great pizza place, we headed to the Exploratorium, located at the Palace of Fine Arts. To show the scale of the structures there, the circled spots in the picture above are the girls. The museum itself was awesome!
This is an exhibit of some chicken embryos, LIVE chicken embryos, in various stages of development. You could see the hearts beating! So cool.

I took more good video than pictures and I don't know have any way to get video up here on blogger yet, so you will have to go yourself to see how great it was! But here are the girls playing with iron fillings and super strong magnets.

Late afternoon, we headed to Pier 39, driving down Lombard street on our way there. Back in 1994, when C and I first met, we took a trip to San Fran and he took a picture of me by this sea lion statue. Here is me and my girls doing the same 13 years later!

At Pier 39, we watched the sea lions, rode the carousel, bought some souvenirs, and had dinner at Bubba Gumps, which was lots of fun. We watched the sea lions some more as the sun was setting. I think A could have stayed there forever! Left off our plans were a ride on a street car, a meal in Chinatown (we did drive through it on our way out that night), a drive across the Golden Gate bridge, and a visit to Ghiradelli's. Next time, I guess!


Stephanie said...


Let's make a pact! If you blog more, I will.

Shawna said...

Always a fun place to visit. Last time I was there in October--RAINY!!!! Great pictures and looks like everyone is having fun.