Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OK, I know you have been waiting for these and I apologize for the wait. Blame it on Blogger and it's finickiness right now. Above is a picture of the girls snuggling on the trampoline under the just beginning to be eclipsed moon. I learned that if I left the shutter open for a long time to expose all of the scenery you could not see much of the detail of the moon. In the pictures below, the best ones are 2:51 and 2:52 am. You can even see the craters on the moon. I had to crop waaaaay in to get these shots, so the detail and pixels are much reduced, but good enough for a blog post. Enjoy!




2: 45 am

2:51 am


3:15 am

3:47 am

And then I went to bed.... It was just going to be the same thing but in the reverse order anyway, right?


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Great pictures!

Annette said...

Interesting - when we viewed the eclipse in australia, it eclipsed from the bottom up. Your photos show it from the top down. It started here at 6:50pm and we had an eclipse party with friends at the end of a long jetty. Snuggling on the trampoline sounds like fun too!