Friday, August 24, 2007


Today in the mail, we received the temporary tattoo kit I had ordered as a birthday gift to myself (I have only wanted this thing for four years now...) and had to give it a spin. E's tattoo above is of her own design, not one of the transfers that came with the kit. This is typical for her. Nothing prepackaged or laid out for the masses is good enough for my fashion artist.

Even though it is out of focus, I love this picture of A. She looks like a tattoo would be right up her alley, doesn't she? Gotta love that little lizard! Here is a close up so you can see the colors better:And here is my sweet little butterfly:

I love it!! It almost makes me think I could get a real one...but not quite! I like to change things up too much for something that permanent. I label this one unschooling in action because there were lots of discussions about tattoos and types of paints and design and why someone would want something on their body for all time, and, and, and the list goes on.

I'm bringing the kit to Live and Learn so that those of us who want to share in the tattoo spirit, but not the commitment, can do so!


Flo said...

Cute butterfly, but judging from this photo- still not bazanga status. Sorry.

Whoops! Are you blushing?

Miranda said...

No, but I'm giggling. And to get the full effect I have to grab 'em and push 'em up, anyway! Besides, this is a family blog, Flo. Ahem. Thought you knew that...;-)

Flo said...

Yeah, it's a family blog, but in your words, "we've got to eduscmacate them kiddos somehow, right?"

I'll go back to my G rated comments now. :)

OrganicSister said...

A. does look made for a tat. That's a good pic of her, very "rebel" looking. lol

PeacefulGoddess said...
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