Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Trip Phase I

And now, for all you patient readers, I will recount the details of our big trip. We left on the first of the month, which happens to be my birthday and our wedding anniversary, flying to Alabama to visit with C's family and attend a family wedding. It was a party as soon as we arrived, with dinner planned with the whole family. C and I were encouraged to go out alone after dinner to celebrate our anniversary, so we did. Before we left, I arranged for the girls to give their cousin her birthday gift, which we had brought with us to give to her a little early. I love the picture below. A was sooo excited to give her cousin her present, she had to sit on her hands while waiting for her cousin to finish eating something. Her cousin did not even know that the gift bag was for her yet! A looks like the cat who swallowed the mouse!

The next day was the wedding. The girls looked so grown up and beautiful all dolled up for the festivities.

Our last day in AL was spent playing on the river. C's brother and his family were with us and the kids had a great time swimming in the river and jumping off the boat and being towed on the big inner tube thingy. C and I even tried our hands at knee boarding. Not too shabby after all these years!

I love this shot as the sun was setting and we were heading back to the house for the day. It was time to pack up and be ready to hit the road the next morning for our drive to Black Mountain NC for the conference.

To be continued....

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PeacefulGoddess said...

Sounds like you had fun family time!