Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweet Nibblets, She's 7!

Just born

6 months

One year

18 months




Stay tuned for more on the birthday celebration...


Six Arrows said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Oh my- is that what happens? THEY GROW UP? Why didn't anyone tell me? Goodness gracious!

*Runs to snuggle her critters*

I see you have a Hannah Montana lover as well! :)

heymom said...

Happy Birthday,E! Such a sweet girl, and growing up even sweeter still!!! love J and M

P@ said...

Happy Birthday, E!

Irina and I liked the pictures. Irina's favorite was the one with the cat. That made her laugh.

Hope E had a great day!

Flo said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo! Guess who LOVES the cake?!

My, she's grown up. Love the stroll down memory lane.

Annette said...

Seven?! Wow! Looking so grown up too. Happy Birthday E from your friends down under!

cecile and family said...

I still remember the day you were born E! Happy birthday from the Retrosi Clan in Canastota!