Sunday, December 02, 2007

SS - Chill Out

I have a post in the works that I am just not going to get to today, so I am copping out and directing you to one of the Casaubon's Book posts:

In our house we have reduced the temp we are heating the house to 65 during the day and 60 at night. OK, we have not officially made it down to 60 at night yet, but we are working our way down. Now it is at 62. I did not even turn on the heat for the daytime until this past week, but I live in the southwest, so that makes more sense than someone in upstate NY waiting until the end of November to turn on the heat. Last year we heated the house to 68/65, so I expect to see a big energy use drop when we get our power and gas bills next month. Don't forget that less energy you use means less money you have to shell out to the power company!

It does take a bit of acclimation, but you can do it. Get out the sweaters and knit hats!

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