Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Week In

Today marks one full week in our new house. I have my computer back, sitting on a painted and moved up from the basement desk, still surrounded by boxes, of course. But, I do have pictures uploaded from our road trip east and will get some up here soon. Tonight, I am too beat from opening boxes of books and trying to find a home for those books. I think we have too many books! We hung out here all day, while a plumber worked to replace the water heater, tub faucet, and then the kitchen sink faucet. He was just supposed to come to replace the leaking tub, but last night C smelled gas near the water heater and had the gas company come out. They shut down the appliance and told us we needed a new one. The landlords were planning to get us a new one anyway, now they just had a really good excuse to do it now! All went well with the replacing of the water heater and tub faucet and the guy headed out. When I went to turn on the water in the kitchen, nothing came out. So back he came to deal with that. Gotta love old houses! And you gotta love not actually owning this one and having great landlords!

The girls and I spent some time watching old videos of them as little baby girls on my old camcorder. I pulled it out for E as she is big into photography and movie making right now. It was not working well last I used it about four years ago, but it worked fine tonight. I want to figure out how to get the movies onto my computer and make dvds. I have my eye on some software from Adobe that can make really great movies and I would like to play with that. I'll share some here, of course. Especially ones that have E as a bitty baby girl singing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Tar! So cute!

Somehow, A got interested in learning to speak French. I can't remember what sparked it, but we talked about it a lot on the road getting here. When I found it, and we had the computer set up for it, I set up the Rosetta Stone demo disc I had picked up somewhere years ago. The whole family has had fun playing around with the different languages. A has a real apptitude for French and E was sounding darn good in Dutch. We plan to get the whole version for French and learn as a family. I took three years in Highschool and remember quite a lot, but I couldn't get by in Paris if you dropped me there today. Ok, I think I would survive, but I would sure feel pretty silly. Of course, actually going to France is a great way to learn to speak the language! It is high on our family travel plans, for sure.
Ok, one picture before I go. Guess where we went on Sunday?
E took this one. I told C I want to come back when Dr. Ron Paul is in residence!


Madeline said...

French and Dutch? You should visit Belgium. That's where we are headed next as my husband is Belgian. We use the Rosetta Stone and looove it.

Barb said...

Maybe the language bug hits in Spring. Connor just started Spanish last night. You are missed here and I wish I had more time to sit and talk with you before you left!

A said...

Hi! Mama I like RON PAUL too!