Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Revolution

In honor of the release of Ron Paul's new book, I am offering a free, brand spanking new copy of the book to one of my readers. If you would like to be the recipient of this wonderful summation of the principles of true liberty and freedom for Americans, please comment to this post and tell why you would like the book. I'll choose one of you lucky patriots based on who inspires me most. Oh yeah, you have until Sunday evening to comment for the book.

In the meantime, check out what Ron himself has to say about this important day:

Today is an exciting day for our campaign and our movement: my new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, is officially released.
Although a short book, it is the product of many years of thought and action. It is a defense of the principles to which you and I have devoted our lives.
My friends are calling it "Ron Paul's legacy."
These principles - individual liberty, sound money, the Constitution, and the foreign policy of the Founding Fathers - have had no home in American politics for a very long time. With The Revolution: A Manifesto, I'm letting the establishment know we're not going away.
Finally, Americans can hear and judge these great American principles for themselves, instead of through an unfriendly media filter. And they can learn once and for all that they need not be satisfied with the phony choices the system offers them every four years. Another way really is possible.
Two days ago I did a book signing in New York at the Borders on Wall Street. All 530 copies had been sold before I even arrived.
They had underestimated you again.
Imagine the attention our cause and our principles could attract with a fantastic opening day today, with people marching into bookstores across the country for their copies. If it should become a publishing phenomenon, The Revolution: A Manifesto can fuel our revolution for a long time to come. You can make that happen.
I hope you enjoy this book, which was a real labor of love for me. Please spread the word.
And may the future be ours.
For liberty,
Ron Paul

Oh, and I'll be back soon with something not political, with pictures, for those of you who just can't take one more post about Ron Paul! ;-)


Sarah said...

Ok, so I love that you say you're a Democrat (per the vote pact post) and you love Ron Paul. Here in Ohio (where I am), there are a LOT of Republicans who are fans of Ron Paul.

What am I? Politically orphaned. I've been voting the lesser of two evils for the last three elections. It kills me every time.

Miranda said...

Nope, not affiliated with any party. I was just trying to make my dad relax about the chances for Obama being elected in NY. The last election was so great to vote for someone I really believe in!