Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Farm

We belong to a great CSA farm that has U-pick opportunities built into our membership. So, the girls and I went out to the farm to get our share of strawberries, and then some. We made a full day of it and had lots of fun.

Here are the girls on the wagon ride over to the strawberry field.

E with some of the scrumptious berries. We picked a total of 6 quarts, and ate probably a quart between us. Ok, not really, but we did sample!

After we got back and paid for our berries, we stashed them in the van and went to explore the farm. First, we said hello to the animals.

These were the cutest bunnies, eva'! It was very hard not to steal one and take it home.

Then we played on the rope swings.

And jumped on the awesome Pumpkin Pillow. The other kids were there for a school field trip. When they all left, it was soooo quiet and peaceful.
E had to hop up on the lovely cow statue for a photo op.

Here, A is sorting out her gemstones that she panned for in the sluice. The girls each got quite a haul from the one little bag we bought. Not to mention the fun it was to see what the water revealed!
It was a good day on the farm and we look forward to going back soon! We are also looking forward when our first box of goodies from the farm is delivered!


Stephanie said...

Hooray for Miranda posts!

Tara said...

Love the pic on the swing!! We miss you; can't wait til L&L!

Rachel said...

How great to be near to a CSA, and look forward to deliveries! I really miss you-especially lately as we are talking about camping in Oct-not sure we can do it without you. I should say, not sure we WANT to do it without you!