Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm FED up!!!

Key moment: One of the guys mentions that none of the presidential candidates is even talking about the chaos in the economy the past few days. Wrong!!! Ok, so he is not technically a candidate, but Ron Paul actually warned us about the events that have come to pass these past few months. Are we all so deaf, dumb and blind? AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! All those pretty sounding plans of McBamas' gotta be bought with something, don't you know? How can we have a government, when we don't have any money. If we don't have any money, how can we have a government?

I hope you all have your finances in order and your future poverty plan in place. Where will you live when you can't pay your mortgage or rent? Can you grow your own food? Do you have any skills that can create actual useful items? How will you fit into the informal economy? Because there won't be a formal one soon enough.... How long before the foreign banks who finance our government call in the debt?

Good luck to you all.

Oh! Here's a good idea!

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Tara said...

Bob Barr is talking about the chaos. Not that anyone will listen though. Heads in the sand and all.