Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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We are headed back up to NY this week, this time with a 14ft Uhaul truck, hopefully filled with stuff to bring to the house. I say hopefully, because we have not loaded it up yet and I don't know if it will be filled or if I will have to scrounge for more boxes of stuff to fill it with. Hate to waste that space, since we are paying for it! Anyway, we are headed up Thursday, in time for trick-or-treating with the cousins, with the cat and the gerbils, and the two blueberry bushes, and this time C is coming, too! He has not seen the house in person, only pictures and video. I'm a bit nervous about that. I mean, he bought the house for me and says he trusts me to find what makes me happy, but I want him to like it, too.

This morning, he wasn't too pleased to own a house in NY, let me tell you. After working all night he came home and saw on the weather that it will be snowing and 28 degrees the next two nights. Well, we have the heat off and nobody in NY has a key, and I accidentally left some basement windows open a crack. So, knowing this, he wakes me up as he was getting into bed to tell me "we" need to do something to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting water all over the place. So, of course, he means me, since he was getting in bed to sleep for the day. After a grumpy moment, or two, ok three, I started calling family to see what could be done. Luckily, my brother managed to get into the house this afternoon and turn off the water supply and turn on some heat, for good measure. Phew! Not that I really worried it would actually be cold enough to freeze pipes yet, but now my dear husband and I won't be biting each other's head off over this! He worries too much for me and I guess I don't worry enough for him. My request to the universe this morning was that my brother be able to break into the house, and he did. No worries, mate.

Tomorrow will be very busy, finishing packing, taking A to Girl Scouts, and filling up the Uhaul after C wakes up. At any rate, I will be offline totally for the next week and a half-ish. Wish me luck painting and finishing floors!


Sandra Dodd said...

I hope it goes very well and that Halloween is great!

Instead of turning the water off (where it might still freeze in the pipe there, if it were way into the season) it might be better to leave it running a very little bit in the furthest faucet from the meter, if you're leaving and the house is going to be cold.

cherapple said...

Have fun trick-or-treating in NY, and good luck filling that U-Haul! Will you be in NY by Thanksgiving? That's when we plan to head over that way, by your new house. It would be fun to get the girls together and get the fires of friendship going once again! (It's hard long distance. A -- my A -- isn't really into email and phone. I hope your A isn't feeling too much disappointment.)


Tara said...

Can't wait to hear C's take on the house!! Hope you're all having a blast up there!