Sunday, March 22, 2009


Meet Stella:

She is a black French Angora rabbit, eight weeks old.

This is how happy we are that she is finally here:

Even the kitty is happy-she thinks she has been given a big snack to catch, if she can only figure out how to get in that cage. This is Stella's home:

Did I mention how happy someone is?

A is soooo excited to have her bunny. And I am so proud of her for all the research and prep she has done to get ready, and for how nonchalantly she handed over the cash to pay for both the bunny and all her set up. I wanted her to have full ownership of this venture, and if she gets it to the money making stage with the fiber and/or with breeding, she gets to own all the profits. Or she gets to learn about how hard it is to make a profit. Either way, it will be a great life learning experience. And in the meantime, we get to pet a soft sweet little bunny and enjoy her no matter what the profits!! Oh, and did I mention the poop? She makes quite a lot of it. It will make my garden very happy. Yay for poop!


FLO said...

Oh, I want to pet her! Congrats, A!

TheOrganicSister said...

There should be an award for the oddest last line of a blog ever. You'd win.

Congrats A!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I'm so excited for A! (and of course that you will have poop for your garden!ha!)