Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Guess Who's Here?

Yep, my 27 days are up and we have our babies! I'm sure I don't know what I am doing, yet, but I will make up for it in enthusiasm, internet searches and trial and error!

Speaking of mistakes, does this look like my first big one or what?

I swear that cat thinks I am the greatest. I mean, I just keep bringing in snacks for her!

Aren't they cute though?

I can't wait for the eggs! Oh yeah, and did I tell you they are in competition with the bunny for the best poop for my garden? Yay, more poop!

p.s. hey, Tara, how about that last line?


TheOrganicSister said...

hahahaha You need to change your blog title again. Maybe "I love my #2" or "The Crazy Poop Lady". Nah those are pretty crappy.

They are so cute. I want chicks soooo bad. I'm just afraid of tattling neighbors. :/


FLO said...

So cute! No mention of a grill in this post- change of heart? ;) Have fun with your new babies!!

TheOrganicSister said...

Okay so I just played the video with Zeb and I must say when I was little I had this little fake Easter chick that would chirp when you placed it on your hand and I'm shocked now at how realistic it sounded. Now I really, really want baby chicks!


Miranda said...

Tara- laugh away, someday I'll be hauling in the produce thanks to that poop! No shit. ;-)

I think the peeps are the cutest part.

Flo- No change of heart, just focusing on the life side of the life and death cycle today. Besides we get a lot of time to enjoy these guys and their eggs before they would end up on our table. No need to go there today.

Stephanie said...

Yay, chicks!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!!! The picture with the cat cracked me up!!! Moll will be delighted when she wakes up and I show her! Please keep posting - miss ya!