Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Want It All

And NOW. I am so impatient. Why does it take so long for trees to grow up? Can't vegetable gardens just spring up in a few weeks and feed you? Do I reeeeeallly have to wait 20 weeks to get an egg out of these chickens? I mean, really? Where is the magic wand that will decide for me the best heating system to put in and then make it happen, *poof*? Point me to the group of great local friends the girls and I can rely on! I'm waiting....

When we started moving in to the house, my mantra was, "we have all the time in the world, take your time". And it is true. I can take my time building up the life that I create in my mind. There is no major driving force that is making me get anything done at any particular time. The problem is I can't be patient about it. I want it now.

Well, the good thing about all this, is that I live in a place where I don't have the urgency I felt in VA and NV to live more sustainably. I am living in a community where I have access to local sustainably grown food, and the people here are already thinking about all the issues that concern me. I mean, I can take my time with getting the garden set up because I joined a great CSA for this summer. The pressure is off to feed us from our own land, this year anyway. Hey, maybe that is the problem! Maybe I need the pressure to get me going. Oh well, not such a terrible problem to have, huh?

Off to the farmers market....


TheOrganicSister said...

This is so very much where I am.

So much I want to do or would do, but we don't know if we'll even be here next spring or where we could be. It's frustrating to feel ready to go and forced to sit on my hands.

They are forcing Justin to take a day off this week, maybe two. Not a good sign. I think we're going to give the truck back to the bank since we're not getting calls. So much is going on right now and all I want to do is get some chickens and rabbits and hunker down somewhere. How's the work in Ihaca for a skilled carpenter?


Miranda said...

Sucks, doesn't it? I am looking into the job scene for ya!

Sandra Dodd said...

You could take photos of the garden as things are coming up and post them for us to see, and that would help you appreciate all the stages of it until you have more vegetables than you can eat or can or freeze and you're wondering why you planted so much. :-)

hillary said...

This is so true! I don't even think of planting seeds because we such great access to food, seedlings etc!

Part of me is sad because I miss starting seeds, but part of me is thankful to have such an active community to take care of things so I can focus on other stuff.

We have no yard so last year we signed up for the community garden, but with a new little baby we didn't do much. This year we just let it be what it was and are just so thankful for CSA's and farmers' market!