Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Good to Have Friends

You know how I was so impatient for all my plans to come to fruition a while back? Well, things are progressing along, but one area has jumped ahead and I can say with lots of confidence that I have this in my life now: good friends. Yes, I still have all my old friends from childhood and Las Vegas and all our other adventures and I plan to keep 'em. But now I can say I have a group of great friends here in Ithaca (and the surrounding areas, including PA)! And the girls can say the same. If we never met another person the whole rest of our time here (forever!), I would feel full of friendship. That, however, seems impossible. I just keep meeting new people who I want to keep! The tide has turned, it seems. I imagine it will just keep getting better and better. Yay!

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TheOrganicSister said...

yeah but they'll never be cool like us las vegas folk. ;)