Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Procrastination, Too.

I think I named a post procrastination a couple of years ago when I was getting ready to head to the Live and Learn conference to give my speech and had not finished the speech yet. Here I am again, 23 days from my speech at the Good Vibrations conference and I am finding a million other things to do, beside work on my speech. I have it framed out in my head and I have pages of notes, but that is about it! The absolute best thing for me to do would be to just write it up now and leave myself with tons of time to play around before we leave, guilt free. But can I do that? NooooOOoooo.

I need some inspiration to light a fire under my butt. If you were going to a conference speech called "Radical Thoughts for Radical Unschoolers", what would you want to hear?


TheOrganicSister said...

erm....hard to say. the title is just so intriguing i have no idea what to think. what can be radical to the radicalest group there is?

this comment has been brought to you by No Help At All.


Stephanie said...

Um, ditto. Maybe you could give us a little hint?

Sandra Dodd said...

I would like to hear you go through your notes talking about what other things were going in on in your life that were better than writing out a speech. I'd like to hear you tell stories from the notes!

I vote outline, or photocopy what you have, cut it up, tape it onto pages and you're done!

Sandra Dodd said...

I just thought of the picture that was in my head when I wrote up above and wanted to say I was thinking of when a kid in school is distracted and doing something better under the desk, or behind a big old geography text book, and the teacher says "What is it that's so much more interesting than my class?"

You could answer that question on behalf of all of us who have, over the years, not explained clearly what it was that was so much more interesting. :-) Lots of things!

So, Missy M, what is it that's *so much more interesting* than writing a speech?

Miranda said...

See, Sandra, that is the thing. I WANT to talk about all the stuff I have been thinking about and doing, but I keep running into the box I created when I named the talk and wrote a description. Plus, my inner critic is asking me constantly if this or that really applies and how does that have to do with unschooling? I have thought about starting my talk out with a statement to the effect that this is me on a soapbox, enjoy! Blame Sandra Dodd, she said it would be interesting to her... ;-) Ha!

Stephanie said...

Free yourself from the box by putting a disclaimer at the very beginning: "Everything that follows may or may not have anything to do with the title of this speech."

:) Even if you were only to give yourself permission to do so during the putting together stages of it, you may find that some of the things you allowed yourself to go on about fit better than you thought.

FLO said...

Isn't everything all connected anyway?

I know what you want to talk about and it's exactly as Sandra is saying. The principles behind what you are doing every day, the choices you are making are radical unschooling thoughts. Flesh out the radical thoughts with how you are living them though building a coop for a chicken named Henri. Unschooling is DOING not talking about doing.

Miranda said...

Thanks, everyone! It is halfway done! And I am finding you were right, Flo, it is all connected and it does fit, Steph. YAY!

Frank said...

Glad you got lots of feedback. Me, I'm just ready to sit and listen to your talk! See ya in San Diego!