Wednesday, November 25, 2009


On Monday, the girls and I went out to the ol' homestead (aka my Dad's) for a little canning session. I had been saving up the beets we got from our CSA and my stepmom had a bunch of beets they had grown ready to go. So we made pickled beets. There were the regular old red beets and there were golden beets and striped beets, too.

A had little interest in getting her hands dirty, but she hung out in the kitchen with us and watched the whole process.

The first batch out of the canner! While the second batch was being processed, we walked up to the pond:

I love reflections. They almost seem more real than the real trees.

E had fun with cattails.

Blowing in the wind. It was a lovely day, not very November-ish. Can't wait to taste those beets!

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heymom said...

I am so jealous! Not just because I love pickled beets but because you get to learn from the pros how to do your own canning! I hope you'll teach me some day!