Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Joy

I love this picture of E. The colors just coordinate so well, don't they, with her pink hair and pink vest against the browns and oranges? She and I had a fun moment a couple weeks ago raking up a big pile of leaves right under the swing and jumping off it into the leaves. Her cat, Willa, had fun with us, too. Silly cat would run into the pile and disappear, as if asking us to find her. But you had to be careful because as you dug through the leaves looking for the cat, she was ready to pounce on you the second you uncovered her!

Another reason to love fall and living here!

Hey, how about this posting streak? Can I keep it up? Time will tell!


Annette said...

Great photo - so fun!

Stephanie said...

You're like a blogging machine! I love it!