Friday, November 27, 2009

Learn to Grow a Frickin' Tomato

Check out this article given by a finance professional about what he said to a roomful of highschool students:

Snippet of what he said:

"Every year, I'm asked about how best to prepare for a career in finance," I started my speech.

"And for the past six years, I've suggested taking courses in statistics, human psychology, behavioral finance, and demographics. Today, however, I'm going to give you the same advice I've given my children, the same advice I've given my friends, the same advice for which people pay me thousands of dollars every year..."

I paused just long enough to notice the students were on the edge of their seats. The faculty, standing in the back of the room, stopped whispering to each other. The parents stopped texting on their Blackberries and sipping their lattes, anticipating the wisdom I was about to provide.

"If you want to be successful in life," I said, "learn to grow a frickin tomato."
Loved it! Sound advice if I ever heard it.


flowers said...

Ha ha ha! I love this!

Seriously, the only thing I consider important to pass on to my kids is self-sufficiency. Everything else is preference, but I do feel that basic survival skills (suck as growing a tomato, lol) is vip.

Which of course means mama gets busy on the porch garden ;-)

Miranda said...

Or, mama can bring the boys over and let them do some gardening at my house!

heymom said...

Wise advise!