Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is the view from my livingroom window a few weeks ago before the leaves all fell. If you look closely (click the pic for a bigger one) you can see the chickens in the tractor and two geese who stopped by for a visit down on the banks of the pond.
Anywhoo. I hope that those new readers who came by because of the unschooling stuff I had to say will stick around to see what else I have up my sleeve. ;-) As the weather cools down and more inside time is in my future, I do want to spend more time posting here. I have many thoughts about the state of the world, how it pertains to my life and how unschooling fits in, or not. I want to share the many projects I have been working on around the house. There will always be stuff to say about what the girls are up to and I have neglected that recently. I also see myself putting more pictures up on my photo blog, so be sure to check that out as well.
I guess what I am saying is that I have a deepening need for connection in my life and one facet of how I am going to address that is to post more, to share more of myself. I also have IRL solutions to implement and I will share those with you as well.
Time to get a shower to get ready for ice skating with the homeschoolers! See ya!


Rana said...

What a beautiful view. It looks very peaceful there. Please take another picture of the same scene in the winter time. I would love to see it with the snow on the tree branches and flakes falling from the sky.

FLO said...

You don't play fair. ;)

Annette said...

Beautiful view! Looking forward to hearing more about your life etc.