Friday, December 11, 2009

All I Want for Christmas... a new front tooth. What?! Nooooo, but I do have a big wish list I'd like to share. These are things, durable goods really, that C and I want to include in our household to help us live more sustainably, lessen our impact and footprint, save money and make life more fun. So here goes:

1. A water filter like this or this. We have city water, even though the house used to have a well, but we also have two big ponds. I'd like the ability to filter that pond water to use and drink in an emergency. Eventually I'd like a new deep well drilled, but that one is a bit big for a gift wish list...

2. A wood burning fireplace insert, preferably with high efficiency, a blower, and maybe a way to heat up water, too.

3. Gardening tools. Lots of really good quality tools, from a hoe to cold frames or hoop houses to a soil block maker or other pot maker like this. Oh, and things like baskets for storage in the root cellar I am going to build.

4. Kitchen tools. Now, I already have a fully equipped modern kitchen, but I don't have anything for making food the old fashioned way. Well, I do have my grain mill, but I'd like crocks for fermenting saurkraut and pickles, a pasta maker, cast iron cookware like this, and a pressure canner.

5. This book to help us build an earth oven for baking awesome breads.

Well, that would get us off on a good foot!

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Sabrina said...

So many good things on this list! An earth oven sounds fabulous! For now as we tackle our kitchen project, I think we'll have to be content with a plain old range.

Hope these wishes come true for you!