Friday, December 04, 2009

I Tried!


This is what happens when I try to share my daughters beautiful singing with the world. I have to be sneaky about it because they are resistant to the idea of singing in front of anyone but their mother, pretty much. Right before I got the camera out, they were singing loudly and beautifully together, I swear! It is almost like they had eyes in the back of their heads. Or they turn into singing chipmunks...


Tara said...

lol there's no fooling them!

wait a is it warm enough in your home to be wearing a tank top right now? I'm in long johns!

Miranda said...

Tara, it is only 65 degrees in my house, so if you think that is warm enough, you can go ahead and wear a tank top! E has a volcano inside of her, hence the clothing choice. BTW, I'm wearing a knit hat!