Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Beginning... look like Christmas around here! Look what we did this weekend:
We almost got all the insulation in place under the radiant heating system, too. Warm floors rock! And now I need a bath and my bed. So tired!


TheOrganicSister said...

Warm floors sound like heaven compared to our concrete floors. I haven't done much research on their efficiency though. I'd be interested to hear what you've found.

Sabrina said...

gorgeous tree. We're thinking about putting in radiant heat in some of the rooms of our house...but I too am wondering how it would work in our house. My husband is all for it, I just don't know if our old, old house could take all the tinkering to put in the system and whether the wood would actually conduct enough of the heat. But I sure like the idea of warmth under my feet.

Miranda said...

Tara, as for the radiant system, I would say the efficiency depends on the source of the hot water, so if you had an old boiler it would not be as good as a brand spanking new one like we got with a 95% efficiency. I really got this system with the idea that if natural gas became expensive enough or scarce, we could switch to solar or wood to heat the water and the infrastructure for the radiant would already be in place to distribute that heat.
Sabrina, as long as you have clean access to the floor joists and about 5 feet of wall space in the basement to mount the boiler and manifold, you can get a system like mine. The wood floors are actually the best for conducting the heat up to your living space. Carpet is not so good, which is why my next project is to rip the carpet up in my dining room! But the key is to insulate under the radiant piping to force the heat to go up to your floor, rather than heat your basement. Now that we have insulated, it is working great! I can't wait to see what kind of savings we get over our old heating systems.