Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Not really, just a new look to match up with reality around here. I might not have much to say these days, but I won't make you look at frozen landscapes anymore. Not until they return, anyway! Of course, it is not quite so green just yet, but a girl can dream. We have had some pretty gorgeous days this week and my sore muscles can attest to how much work I have gotten done outside. I actually planted a portion of my garden today. Yay for seeds that don't have to wait for the last frost to pass! Peas, arugula, spinach, radishes, and lettuce, here we come!

In between building a bigger home for my chickens (new babies coming in a week and a half!) and laying a stone walkway leading to the house, I will find some time to post about my beautiful new dining room floor.

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C said...

Yea!! Baby chickens. The green pictures are great. Thx.