Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Five Things

This picture tells so many stories:

1. A cut her hair the other day. Actually, I did the cutting, but she requested it. The reason? The Gulf oil spill. What? Go here to see what the heck I am talking about. E also contributed a slight trimmings worth. Oh, and I will be chopping my locks off soon, too.

2. I sewed the skirts and headbands that the girls are modeling in the shot above. A is all about the skirts lately. She was happy to finally get to wear something made out of that lovely paisley we got, oh, forever ago. E had to get in on the action, too. That fabric was bought even more forever ago, like when I was just out of college.

3. The dirt they are standing on had just been delivered. It will go to many projects, first of which is to grade the ground in our patio area, now that the stones are moved to make a walkway from driveway to house (picture soon). Then it will fill more raised beds in the garden. Yes, I got impatient waiting for time to sift rocks out of our very rocky soil and for compost to be ready to amend the beds with. I might have to get more. It is very lovely dirt that is fun to stick your feet in and climb up on. And it will save me time.

4. Where are my babies? Who replaced them with long legged beauties who are waaaay too old to have come from my womb? Am I really old enough to have kids that big? Don't answer that.

5. I love that tree. When the afternoon sun comes streaming through it, as it does above, my heart about bursts with the beauty of it all and I have to pinch myself to see if I really do live here and get to look at that tree every day if I want to. Then the mosquitoes start biting and I wake up.

The end.


Frank said...

Kudos to y'all for the hair effort. This coming weekend at the LIFE is Good conference I'll be shaving my head. It's gonna feel strange after all those decades of having long hair.

Annette said...

Crikey! They sure are getting tall!

Diana said...

Nice info on the hair, so cool!

Tara W. said...

aw loved this on so many levels.

i do hope the dirt is not in our parking spot when we make it up there though. ;)

Eli said...

I am is such aw of Adrian's growth too! I was just on Petra's site. Have you seen Elena lately? Adrian is getting these really developed legs on him. Aww....
I miss ya'll.

Anonymous said...