Sunday, July 04, 2010

Save The Date

I think I have finally come to accept that, no matter how much freedom I give myself, I will always need external motivation to do some things. I can putter along just fine with my own internal motivation, but not a whole lot gets accomplished, and the dishes pretty much never get done! Sporadic would be the best descriptor. Anyway, my point here is that I have a bunch of projects I want to accomplish this summer, and I need a kick in the pants to get them done. Some of them are strictly aesthetic, so I really need some motivation to get them done. When so much else on the list is functional, rather than just pretty, it can be hard to just take the time to put a bow on things instead of forging ahead to the next item.

So, I have the perfect solution. Throw a party! I think my parents used this technique, because we usually got a lot of projects in before our big parties when I was a kid. Even if that was not their main motivation, it worked. And having a big party has been on my mind since we moved here. I love to entertain and I have the family history and experience with doing it up big, so it comes easy to me. The actually planning and prepping is a lot of work, of course, but fun work, and the biggest hurdle is just being able to imagine inviting 100 people to your house. Once you send out those invites, the rest is mostly a matter of scaling up! More food, more seating, more activities, more help, more fun!

So, once I decided we needed a party, the next question was when. Well, at the end of August, two of the girls' best friends, Mollie and Saren, are coming to visit for two weeks. It is going to be a blast! And what better time than friends in town to celebrate? Also, my birthday is Sept 1st, my stepmom's is the 4th, my brother's is the 8th, our wedding anniversary is the 1st, and Labor Day is around there, too! So, we are going to throw a crazy, fun, wild, yummy, exciting, incredibly cool party on Saturday September 4th!!!

Why am I telling you this? Because you are invited, of course! So, mark your calendars, plan your trip if you have to travel (you can camp in my yard, if you want to!), and be here!

p.s. If we are lucky, I'm going to get Amy Steinberg here to do a house concert! Cross your fingers!!


Eli said...

Will you be doing it like Kingsolver did her 50th! That is what I imagine here. There is no way I can, though, had I been heading on my own as I usally do this time of year to the east coast I'd have planned it a week earlier so to make it!!! Atlas we have decided to take the MH out east and I have to stay and finish a show in LV before flying out to meet the family and MH in Annapolis the Thursday too late. Darn.
BTW I have been making homemade ice cream like crazy this summer. I do it without cooking it because I use raw milk we bootleg from Utah, but it is sooooo good. Seems chocolate is the winner at the moment.

Miranda said...

I wish, Elizabeth! Maybe for MY 50th!! I'm so not there yet. That would have been great to have you join us, but, really, any time you can make it would be a party!

Annette said...

Would love to fly across the world and join in, but we have Australia's first unschooling conference that weekend so I'll be staying here. Sounds like tons of fun! Good luck with all of your projects!

Tara W. said...

oh dammit, we'll be at the RE conference the beginning of september! :(