Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day Five

Today, S caught Alice the rooster and loved on him. This was a long sought after thing, as she has been trying to catch him since she got here! The girls all gave Alice some love:

We went into town to do a little thrift shopping on the Commons where many a good bargain was found. There was some loving on statues, too:

Back home, the new zipline was enjoyed:


Stephanie said...

That zipline looks like fun! Saren said that when she comes home, she'll have an even stronger desire for chickens of our own.

Anonymous said...

I'm giggling every morning with these updates! You must be having a blast with such a goofy bunch of girls!

Miranda said...

Saren is chicken bound, for sure!

And though we are not without some drama here, the balance is leaned towards fun. All around, it is good!