Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My neck hurts. The changes around here are causing a bit of whiplash. First, we were going to drive down to VA to have Thanksgiving with C, since he had to work too much to drive home to us. My dad and brothers were not even going to be here, so I had no meal to go enjoy anyway. Sure, we would have to skip the whole traditional meal in VA since I was not up to hauling it all down there and cooking it in an unfamiliar kitchen. We made our peace with that and planned to visit with old friends while there and hit a Smithsonian or two as well. Then, C calls late last night to tell me he now has to work on Thanksgiving and has more days off afterward, so do I want him to just come home? And he tells us we have to go down to VA in a couple weeks for appointments for the move. I tell him I will talk with the kids and call him back. Now, E has been complaining about going down there since the moment the plan formed. I thought for sure she would jump at the chance to stay home. A is so easy going, I knew she would be ok either way. I was wrong. E starts crying immediately, telling me she really wanted to go. A is sad, but accomodating. *sigh* We work it out and plan to stay home. I am now planning to cook up a small turkey, if I can find one today, but we will do it Friday with C. Please, universe, no more changes, ok? I can't handle it.

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Diana said...

Yikes! So many changes...I wish I had seen this sooner, I would have invited you to join us yesterday.

Sending you smooth thoughts...and hugs!