Wednesday, March 09, 2011

20 Days and 10 Things

1. I'm procrastinating.
2. The girls are at a sleepover and the house is too quiet with all the animals gone to their new homes.
3. My list is long and scary and keeps me up at night, but it will all be over soon. The movers come to pack the house up in one week. In about two weeks we leave NY, and in 20 days we will be on a plane to Oz. Yikes!
4. I am sad to leave, but stuffing it a bit. I am too focused on the tasks for the move, both required and wanted.
5. C will be home to us in 3 days and we will all be together forevermore. Yay!
6. His parents are coming on Monday to help with the move and see us off.
7. There is too much food in my house that cannot be imported to AU and I shouldn't take much time to cook it so we can eat it, what with all the rest I have to do, but I am. I will give away and compost what we can't eat, but I can't give up on it yet.
8. Moving is sooooo wasteful and not green. It kills me.
9. I am feeling sad about leaving my friends and family. My family is having a going away party for us next weekend. Most everyone I invited is going to come and that makes me happy. Some of the relationships I made are really just in the infant stages of friendship and I wish I was not leaving so soon after meeting. Blargh, as A would say. No fair, as E would lament.
10. There is a foot of snow on the ground and I want to get some Spring gardening chores done before we go. I hope it all melts soon!


Sandra Dodd said...

Maybe you'll get to meet some of the home ed folk in Australia. That might be fun!

Annette said...

Super yay for #5!!!

See you in Oz!