Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kangaroo Sanctuary

We went to the Kangaroo Sanctuary today to meet the roos. The main focus of the place was education about how to care for orphaned kangaroos. It is the law in Australia that if you rescue a roo, you have to try to release it back to the wild if at all possible. The kangaroos there could not be released to the wild for various reasons and would be destroyed by the government if the sanctuary did not exist to care for them. A full grown male red kangaroo, raised by humans and not afraid of us, is a dangerous animal. They can disembowel you if they decide to have a little kickboxing match with you. A wild one would just run away and find another male roo to play with.
It was great to get up close and personal with animals you don't get to get close to in the wild. Everybody got to hold a joey. His name was Fidget and he was very cute.
A likes to impersonate whatever animals she meets. Here is her joey impersonation:
We went on a walk around the 50 acre enclosure that houses the 20 roos that live there. The guy who runs the place had a bucket of food and the roos followed us around. He'd throw down some food and we could pet them as they ate.
Some of the joeys still need to be bottle fed, so we got to help with that, too. All in all, it was a great time!


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my many colored hats said...

I want to go too!!! So cool.

Jessica said...

What an awesome experience!People dont think how dangerous a roo can be.It is good to see somewhere taking in those that would otherwise be killed:)